Final program
Sunday 18 April 2010
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Monday 19 April 2010
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Amphi S : Opening ceremony
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Amphi S : Keynote 1 N. SUH
Amphi S : Keynote 2 L. QIAO
Amphi S : Keynote 3 S. TICHKIEWITCH
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Parallel sessions
Civic Reception at Town Hall
Tuesday 20 April 2010
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Parallel sessions
Amphi A : KM1+2 - Amphi B8 : RPD2+3 - Amphi B9 : MBPE 2 - Amphi S : IPProcess Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 2 (KM 1+ 2)
12-not presented- computerized range of products in the automotive supply industry [Joerg Feldhusen][Arun Nagarajah][Sebastian Schubert]
30 Case-Based Reasoning for Adaptive Aluminium Extrusion Die Design [Suthep Butdee][Serge Tichkiewitch]
91 Knowledge Management for Mass Customization [Joanna Daaboul][Alain Bernard][Florent Laroche]
63 Using Ontology for Design Information and Knowledge Management: A Critical Review[Ying Liu]
58-video- A Framework to Support Semantic Interoperability in Product Design and Manufacture [Nitishal Chungoora][Robert Young]
Rapid Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Reality - 2 (RPD1+2)
43 Reverse Engineering for Spotting of Sheetmetal Forming Dies [Christine Schöne][Süße Dietmar][Ralph Stelzer]
15 Reverse Engineering of a automobile Engine piston using KBRE approach [Alexandre Durupt][Sébastien Remy][Guillaume Ducellier]
1-not presented- Model Construction Based on CMM and Optical Scanning Data [Pengxin Liu][Yang wang]
8 Virtual-Reality-Based Simulation of NC Programs for Milling Machines [Reimund Neugebauer][Philipp Klimant][Volker Wittstock]
70 Virtual Reality in Planning of Non-Destructive Testing Solutions [Nikolay Avgoustinov][Christian Boller][Gerd Dobmann][Bernd Wolter]
Metrics and Benchmarking, performance evaluation - 2 (MBPE 2)
55-video- Using Systems Analysis Techniques to Understand the Relationships between Skills, Effort and Learning [Jill Urbanic][Waguih ElMaraghy]
66-video- Towards a Performance Measurement System for lean-oriented NPD processes [Marco Taisch][Donatella Corti][Sergio Terzi]
79-video- A Framework for Assessing the Reliability of Mechatronic Systems [Amadou Coulibaly][Egon Ostrosi]
Integration Product-Process (IPProcess)
83 Integrated New Product Introduction Challenges in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering [Essam Shehab][Malachy Maginness][Chris Beadle]
7 A multi-process manufacturing approach based on STEP-NC data model [Raphael Laguionie][Matthieu Rauch][Jean-Yves Hascoet]
65 DFM synthesis based on product-process interface modelling [Jawhar Elgueder][Lionel Roucoules] [Emmanuelle Rouhaud][Florent Cochennec]
Hall L : Lunch
Keynote sessions
Amphi S : Keynote 4 P. GU
Parallel sessions
Amphi A : KM4 - Amphi B8 : RPD1 - Amphi B9 : PDModels1 - Amphi S : PCID1 Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 4 (KM 4)
27-video- Knowledge based plants layout configuration and piping routing [Paolo Cicconi][Roberto Raffaeli]
13 An Interactive-based approach to the Layout design optimization [Julien Benabes][Fouad Bennis][Emilie Poirson][Yannick Ravaut]
93 A case study of capitalisation and valorisation of our technical heritage [Florent Laroche][Jean-Louis Kerouanton][Alain Bernard]
Rapid Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Reality - 1 (RPD1)
61-video- A Systems Approach to Hybrid Design Utilizing Fused Deposition Modeling and CNC Machining [Victoria Townsend][Jill Urbanic]
69 Design for Wire and Arc Additive Layer Manufacture [Jorn Mehnen][Jialuo Ding][Helen Lockett][Panos Kazanas]
26 Characterization of Selective Laser Sintered Implant Alloys: Ti6Al4V And Co-Cr-Mo [andrea gatto][luca iuliano][sergio bortolini]
Product Design Models - 1 (PDModels1)
76-video- Product modelling for configurable design in advanced CAD system [Egon Ostrosi][Amadou Coulibaly][Michel Ferney]
16 Proposition of a Methodology for Developing a Database of Design Methods [Nathalie Lahonde][Jean-François Omhover][Améziane Aoussat]
36-moved from CollabAspects- Integrating Product Model and Whiteboard to ease Collaborative Work in Global Product Development [Hanh Vu Thi][Philippe Marin][Frederic Noel][]
Amphi B8 : Patents as resources for Creative and Inventive Design - 1 (PCID1)
60-video- Computer-Aided Comparison of Thesauri extracted from complementary patent classes as a means to identify relevant field parameters [Gaetano Cascini] [Manuel Zini]
38-video- Knowledge extraction from patent: achievements and open problems. A multidisciplinary approach to find functions. [Davide Russo]
19 Acquisition of Evolution Oriented Knowledge from Patent Texts [ François Rousselot] [Cecilia Zanni-Merk ] [Denis Cavallucci ]
Amphi A : KM3 - Amphi B8 : VRCM1 - Amphi B9 : PDModels2 - Amphi S : PCID2 Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 3 (KM 3)
45-presented by Bertrand Rose- Knowledge Management for Innovative Design [Jing Xu][Rémy Houssin][Emmanuel Caillaud][Mickäel Gardoni]
37 Acquiring innovative manufacturing engineering knowledge for the preliminary design of complex mechanical components [Sara Mountney][Rajkumar Roy][James Gao]
5-cancelled- Knowledge Management vs Knowledge Sharing: User-inspired Design and Co-creation Processes [Maria Antonietta Sbordone]
Value, Risk and Cost Management - 1 (VRCM1)
48-video- Product-driven Process Value Analysis [Yuri Borgianni][Gaetano Cascini][Federico Rotini]
28-video- Decision making and value considerations during the early stages of engineering design [Galina Medyna][Eric Coatanea]
Product Design Models - 2 (PDModels2)
41-video- Interdisciplinary function-oriented Design and Verification for the Development of Mechatronical Products [Rainer Stark][Haygazun Hayka][Asmus Figge][Robert Woll]
29 Towards Semantic Virtual Prototypes for the Automatic Model Combination [Rafael Radkowski]
92 PLM processes to respond to mechanical SMEs needs [Julien Le Duigou][Alain Bernard][Nicolas Perry] [Jean-Charles Delplace]
Patents as resources for Creative and Inventive Design - 2 (PCID2)
14 The Evolution of Torque Transfer Technology by Use of computerized Patent Analysis [Jan M. Gerken][Martin G. Möhrle]
34 An ISAL Approach for Design Rationale Discovery Using Patent Documents [Ying Liu]
42 Automatically Characterizing Products through Product Aspects [Paul-Armand Verhaegen][Joris D'hondt] [Dennis Vandevenne][Simon Dewulf][Joost R. Duflou]
Coffee break
Parallel sessions
Amphi A : KM 5 - Amphi B8 : VRCM2 - Amphi B9 : PDMethods1 - Amphi S : RequMan Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 5 (KM 5)
50 A design logistics support tool on an operational level [Ludovic Louis-Sidney][Vincent Cheutet] [Samir Lamouri][Olivier Puron][Antoine Mezza]
80 A Unified Assembly Information Model for Design and Manufacturing [Lihong Qiao][Feng Han]
49 Knowledge Based Engineering approach through CAD systems: results of a two years experimentation in an industrial design office [Bluntzer Jean-Bernard][Sagot Jean-Claude][Mahdjoub Morad]
75-video- Ontological Semantics of Standards and PLM Repositories in the Product Development Phase [Marco Franke][Patrick Klein][Lutz Schröder]
Value, Risk and Cost Management - 2 (VRCM2)
39-cancelled- Lean Implementation Starts With Takt[Farzad Sanati]
3 Product Design for Global Production[Gisela Lanza][Stefan Weiler]
2 Systematic Preparation for Marketing a New Technology[Walter Kästel]
Product Design Methods - 1 (PDMethods1)
82-video- A Holistic Approach for Sustainable Product Design [Hassan Abdalla]
23-video- Method-supported product development for post-series supply [Uwe Dombrowski][Sebastian Weckenborg][Sven Schulze]
57 Set Based Robust Design of Systems - Application to Flange Coupling [Ahmed Jawad Qureshi][Jean-Yves DANTAN][Jérôme BRUYERE][Régis BIGOT]
73-cancelled- An assembly sequences generation of three dimension product [Louisa Issaoui][Nizar Aifaoui][Borhen Louhichi][Abdelmajid Benamara]
Requirements Management (RequMan)
20 A Multi-dimensional Model for Structuring Stakeholder Requirements [Horst-Artur Crostack][Sandra Klute][Robert Refflinghaus]
51 Parametric Approach for Geometrical Requirement Calculation Along the Product Life-Cycle. [Guillaume Mandil][Philippe Serré][Alain Desrochers] [André Clément][Alain Rivière]
4 Abstract objectives can become more tangible with the contact and channel model (C&CM) [Thomas Alink][Albert Albers]
Gala Dinner
Wenesday 21 April 2010
HALL S : Registration
Keynote sessions
Amphi S : Keynote 5 C. MacMAHON
Coffee break
Parallel sessions
Amphi A:EGPDA - Amphi B8:ESDesign - Amphi B9:PDMethods2 - Amphi S:Eco-aspects Evolutions of Global Product Development Approaches (EGPDA)
44-video- Evolution over the Life Span of Complex Systems [Monica Pena][Eleonora Ibragimova][Mary Kathryn Thompson]
47-video- Rethinking the Role of Time in Formal Design Theories [M.K. Thompson][M. Doroshenko]
90-cancelled- Semantic Knowledge Based Approach for Product Maintenance Support [I. Sanya][E. Shehab][R. Roy] [O. Houseman][M. Jonik]
Early Stage Design (ESDesign)
74-video- Towards a Guideline for the Early Stage of Product Development [Alexander Hesmer][Heiko Duin][Klaus-Dieter Thoben]
17 A New Approach for the Development of a Creative Method to Stimulate Responsible Innovation [Benjamin Tyl][Jérémy Legardeur][Dominique Millet] [André Falchi][Bertrand Ranvier]
24 Configuration of Complex Custom Products in Early Design Phases Using Dependencies Systems [Irene Alexandrescu][Hans-Joachim Franke][Thomas Vietor]
Product Design Methods - 2 (PDMethods2)
31 A Product Life Cycle Oriented Approach for Knowledge Based Product Configuration Systems [Viktor Pana-Schubert][Hendro Wicaksono][Sven Rogalski]
59-video- Integration of Life Cycle Engineering and Multi-Attribute Analysis to Support Product Development: process design and material selection for a clothes peg [César Inácio][Inês Ribeiro][Paulo Peças][Elsa Henriques]
71 Multiobjective Design Optimization of 3-PRR Planar Parallel Manipulators [Raza Ur-Rehman][Stéphane Caro][Damien Chablat][Philippe Wenger]
Ecological Aspects (EcoAspects)
64 Towards a robust touch-down process of eco-technologies in vehicle development projects [Buet Gael][Gidel Thierry][Millet Dominique]
54 How ecodesign tools are really used - Requirements list for a context-related ecodesign tool [Flore Vallet][Dominique Millet][Benoit Eynard]
85 ACLODS - A holistic framework for environmentally friendly product lifecycle design [Srinivas Kota][Amaresh Chakrabarti]
Amphi S : Closing ceremony - Best Paper Awards
Hall L : Lunch
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