International Program Committee
Michel Véron : Honorary Chairman

Michel Véron was born in 1941 in Romans, in the south of  France.
He obtained his Mechanical Engineer Degree in 1963 and was graduated for his Doct. Eng. Degree in 1970 ; He obtained his PhD Thesis in 1973 on "Continuity conditions between biparametric surface patches (Bezier)" .
During his academic activities he created new programmes oriented to industrial applications, in the fields of numerical control, automation, manufacturing systems ...
He has been Director during six years (1991-97) of the Nancy Research Center in Automation, CRAN, which gathers all research activities in automation of the different Nancy Universities and Engineers Schools.
At a national level, he contributed to the creation of experimental workshops, the AIP  "Atelier Inter-Etablissement de Productique" and obtained the construction of new premises for the  Nancy AIP. He managed it during 18 years (1984-2002).
He has been very much involved in CIRP life: chairman of STCs , General Secretary (1993-2002), CIRP President 2003.
He is still active as Emeritus Professor in Nancy University .    

Michel Véron



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